1. Open Rate

    Before we get ahead of ourselves with lifetime value calculations, let’s just start by understanding the behaviour of users who like your subject line (btw. a great test of clearly defining your value proposition).

    Good open rate = good subject line & good email deliverability = mild interest = you can work with that.

  2. Response Rate

    You could be a sales executive or you could be an e-commerce marketing manager. One thing is clear, responses can come in the form of clicks through to landing pages, actions or even simply replying to an email address.

    Good reply rate = warm lead

  3. Recency

    I spoke to a guy 6 months ago who seemed interested in doing something together. Hardly a warm lead. But if someone emailed me one hour ago, and wants more information, chances are that lead is hot.

    Long lead response time = poor conversion rate

  4. Interaction

    In most cases, only 50% of products get sold in the first interaction. You have to be damn good, damn convincing and super lucky. The other 50% comes from elbow grease and shear follow-up.

    More interactions = even warmer lead

  5. Abandons

    The best kind of lead is the lead that started the process but broke off for some reason. They know the value, they started the process but changed their minds. Why? Something that caused anxiety? Broken processes? Maybe distraction? Find out.

    Abandons = $$


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