♫♫♫On the first day of Christmas my inbox gave to me 3 real estate seasons greeting, 2 hosting christmas offers and 5 e-commerce well wishes. ♫♫♫♫ Though I am unsure whether than rhymed very well to the tune ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas” – what I am sure of, is that all of my merry well wishers promptly got deleted and unsubscribed.  Why? Because without an adequate offer, or compelling reason to take up my time, consumer brands should simply stay away from festive banalities.





One of the best worst examples of my inbox treasures was this EDM from rentafill. Great intentions obviously, yet so poorly executed that it first made me question how I even came to be a subscriber of Rentafill, then it made me angry that I had not already unsubscribed, and then it brought out the email critic in me which inspired this post.

Rentafill EDM


Without me delving into the subtleties of why this email was a failure, I think that email marketers should apply the golden rule before sending an email. Common sense dictates, that if a subscriber is subscribed to an email feed, they have certain expectations from that feed. These expectations may include deals, loyalty discounts, customer service and administrative notifications but very little scope for time wasting. One reason that these truths may not become immediately apparent to internet marketers is that unsubscribe rates during this time of the year are artificially low (as people tend not to check their email as frequently). However, what may end up happening in January, is that bounce rates, unsub rates and deliverability rates may deteriorate. The reason for this is as ISPs begin to use more signals from user interaction, unopened and unclicked emails will start to hurt the company bottom line more and more. Checkout the awesome returnpath blog for more.

Stay tuned for some good examples of Christmas EDMS..

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