Well done, you have received passage into the bonus section of The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Subscribers Subscribed Through Content & Segmentation – let’s jump straight into it!

  1. Content upgrades

    Well done for unlocking this bonus section! You are officially a legend in my book! You see what I did there? You need to do it too! Offer content upgrades. Yes you may be exhausted from writing an awesome guide. Yes, you may want to get some sleep, but you have to persevere. It works. Think about it, people have invested this much time in reading your article, heeding your advice and building trust, now you are offering them something more, something special for something relatively inexpensive to them. Do some googling on “content upgrades” to find the right plugins or if you use WordPress, maybe try http://contentupgradespro.com/

  2. Facebook & Adwords remarketing

What if I told you that just because someone unsubscribes from your email list, does not mean you have to stop sending them your offers…

You can do just that now with the ability to upload a CSV with your email list (even those that have unsubscribed) into Facebook and Adwords. If your customers have facebook or gmail accounts registered you can now serve them ads! How awesome is that?!

Facebook email remarketing

adwords email remarketing


  1. Viral loop for sharing

You want to build an incentive into your content that would make it shareable. The famous dropbox example with “give credit and get credit” should serve as inspiration for you. Think of some ways you could get your customers to invite their friends to use their service by naturally using your service. This virality needs to be inbuilt into your app or site from the beginning and will result in increased efficiency in acquisition. Typeform have an awesome viral loop, as their link is displayed on every free form created and hosted users.

Dropbox referral


Typeform viral loops


  1. Create post specific voting questions

    Buzzfeed do this awesome thing where they ask their readers to react to their posts at the bottom of each article – with specific questions. They used to do it in the early days with an exit intent modal which would ask you whether you agreed or disagreed with the sentiment of the article, and elicited an email from you. I have often thought that well posted questions, which elicit the opinions of readers are a really smart way of encouraging interaction.

    buzzfeed voting

  2. Use advanced Gmail functionality

Using schema.org you can do some AMAZING things on a website, such getting ratings or recipes displayed directly in google search.

schema org in organic

However, did you know you could do the same thing with your emails!

advanced gmail marketing

One-click actions in Gmail and Inbox for Gmail | Source: Google Developers


Once you register with Google, you can make your emails use native Gmail functionality to elicit action from your audience.

For a full list of features that the Gmail shcema.org offers see here. But you could do awesome things like highlight travel, add actions to emails via native buttons in gmail, answer search, display now cards, provide reviews and much more.

Here is an awesome execution from Menulog:

menu log rating email schema gmail


I hope you have enjoyed this guide, and found it useful. Feel free to email any questions to me on boris@coltrane.com.au

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