How much time do you spend chasing overdue invoices?

Cash-flow is important to businesses of all size. If you are not being paid on time, you could be foregoing months of revenue. Why not create a 5 step invoice chasing program with STACK.

1. Make sure you have the following custom fields populating your lead information: Invoice due date (or days overdue), Invoice amount, Invoice details (SKUs), Customer company name.

These will allow you to create a perfectly dynamic email, inserting prices etc.

overdue items, custom fields



2. Make sure the custom fields are either manually populated or dynamically populated via the STACK API.


manual population


3. Create the first of your “mild mannered” email templates. A friendly touch is recommended. Make sure to use dynamic fields such as {NAME} and dynamic custom fields to personalise the email template.


Mild mannered overdue invoice template


4. Set-up your first automation with your mild mannered email template as soon as your email becomes overdue. You know you can trigger emails based on dates?


Overdue email 1 day after


5. Gradually build up to more aggressive overdue emails, with legal jargon. Why not send an automated SMS as part of the series? Please be aware of the 160 character SMS limit to avoid truncation.


SMS overdue invoices



If you are a user of the STACK & Zapier integration, you can dynamically link to a URL that contains your payment invoice.
Use XERO or your favourite accounting software to help via ZAPIER.


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