1. Device Compatibility

Close.io is a web based CRM that can also be used as a windows application. Salesforce can be used via the Web, on Android/iPhone/iPad but not as a Windows application

Image source: https://www.getapp.com

2. Price

Close.io starts at $59 USD per user, per month for a basic plan. This ranges up to $149 + USD per user, per month for a business plan. There is a free 14 day trial available and 10% offered for annual plans.

Salesforce pricing starts at $25 USD for a basic user per month, and ranges up to $250 USD per user per month. Salesforce offers a free 30 day trial.

Image source: https://www.getapp.com

3. Features

The basic pricing of $59 per user per month, Close.io offers API, and email integration. Whereas Salesforce for the basic pricing of $25 per user per month offers custom fields, custom reporting, email integration, forecasting, lead capture, and sales reporting.

Image source: https://www.getapp.com

In terms of features for basic pricing, Salesforce definitely wins.

4. Integration’s

Close.io offers email integration at a basic user level. Salesforce offers 175 applications for integration at their basic pricing tier.

Image source: https://www.getapp.com

5. Alternatives

There are so many alternative CRM products available. Why not trial them and see which one works best for you and your business?


Zoho CRM




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