This post will explain how you can use Typeform (a FREE online form builder) to collect leads and import them into STACK CRM automatically using Zapier integration.

1. Open and Create a FREE Typeform account


2. Build Your Lead Gathering Form

Using the easy drag and drop build function, You can collect data like name, phone, email, address, you can ask questions, collect payments, and ask your users to upload files. The opportunities are endless.


3. Embed Your Form


You can use the forms unique link to direct your users or visitors to the form page. When they complete the form you will receive notification of this via email and can also use Zapier to create this submission as a new card within STACK CRM.

4. Creating Your Zap

Go to your Zapier account and click ‘Make New Zap’.


5. Create Your Trigger And Action

Your Trigger is ‘New Entry’ in Typeform and your Action is ‘New Card’ in STACK


6. Link Your Typeform and STACK Accounts


7. Choose The Specific Form You Want To Use


8. Match Up Your Fields

Choose which fields from your typeform yo would like to import to your lead card and where you want those fields imported to.


Once you have completed this step, test and save your Zap and your will start seeing your form submissions flowing in to your STACK columns.



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