You pay serious $ to get clicks, enquiries and leads to you. You might call them or email them once or twice. But did you know that it takes about 8 attempts to reach prospects for them to convert to customers?

For example, brides take about 6 weeks on average to make up their minds on which service supplier they will select. When will you give up?

number of attempts

average sales person


Create the 10 follow ups below and increase your conversion by at least 30%. The below follow-ups assume you receive no reply.

  1. Appointment email

    Did you know that you could use a service like YouCanBookMe to sync with your calendar and send your leads times when you are free. Or simply ask your leads when they are free.If you agree to an appointment, you are much more likely to get co-opration. Just don’t ask “is this a good time to speak”.


    SUBJECT: Let’s organise your {service} {NAME}
    Hi {NAME},

    Congratulations on your wedding date! {Wedding_Date} is a really good period to be married. Let’s schedule a 5min chat sometime this week, and I can help you make your wedding super easy.

    My availability can be seen here {LINK}


    TIP: Put links to your profile and about you in your signature!

  2. Pain point

    You know very well what some common pain points are among your customers. Are they overwhelmed with quotes, running out of time/money, need a quick fix? Put that pain point in your subject, focus on that pain point in your email & have a single call to action.Example:

    SUBJECT: {PAIN POINT} solution

    It can be really overwhelming {NAME} organising your {SERVICE}.
    I can help you avoid {LIST 3 to 5 PAINTPOINTS}

    Would you like to catch up for a quick coffee this week?


  3. Reminder SMS

    If a customer has still not replied to you in a few days, it is time to be friendly but more forward. Just remember to limit yourself to a single SMS < 160 characters. Give them an opportunity for an easy postponement. Asking a question is important in order to elicit a response.Example

    Hey {NAME}, {YOUR NAME} – got your details from {SOURCE}. I know you must be busy. How about we discuss your {SERVICE} in about a week’s time, when you have more time?

    You can schedule this in STACK

  4. Super personalised email

    Ok, so in STACK you can create a text field and call it “Interests”, then using your lead’s email, stalk them on twitter, linked, facebook, google them and their phone number.You are looking for interests you can use or updates that might help. e.g. newborn, loves rugby, windsurfing, fan of Seinfeld etc.

    Now you can use this info in your next communication. How creative can you get? Show that you are genuinely interested in your leads, and that you have done some work for them already.


    SUBJECT: Seinfeld themed wedding

    Hey {NAME},

    I wanted to take some initiative and show you some very cool examples of Seinfeld themed weddings we could easily implement for you.

    Just a neat idea to keep in your back pocket 🙂

    Do you see anything you like?


  5. Give them something for nothing

    Just like Gary V’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, remember that you should try and deliver value before asking something from your customers.

    Think about an email or a series of emails that is focused around providing free advise, tips or ‘did you know’s’. Even if you send some useful links, infographics, FAQ’s etc that could be very useful.


    Hey {NAME},

    Did you know that a leaky faucet can cost you around $50 a year?
    When was the last time you had your tap water filter changed? If you have not changed it in about a year, you could be injesting some real nasties.


  6. Scarcity

    You are either busy, or want to appear busy. Either way, it is important to maintain “hand” in a relationship. Don’t seem desperate, let them want you.


    SMS: Hey {NAME}, I just wanted to let you know that I have 2 other enquiries for {DATE}, I tend to get booked pretty quickly. Please let me know today to reserve your place.

  7. Reawakening

    After being sent several emails, receiving phone calls and SMS, your lead will be qualified, but will need some time. Give her / him a week or more. Then follow-up. Give them a juice steak too.

    SUBJECT: {Event month} is just around the corner {NAME}

    Hey {NAME},

    I wanted to make it really easy to book me. If you would like to book me, in the next 48 hours I can offer you:

    – [offer 1]
    – [offer 2]
    – [offer 3]
    – [offer 4]

  8. Take away the questions & the “no’s”

    If you were looking to repair your car, you would have a list of standard concerns and questions about the product and the supplier. Why not create an email/article titled “5 things you need to know before you get [service]”?

    This will vary per industry, but make sure to include trust symbols, testimonials, things that could happen if the service does not happen, how fast/efficient your service is, how through you are and how you stand out from your competition.

  9. Countdown what you know

    Make sure to gather dates from your leads and prospects. Asking questions like “when are you looking to get [x]?” gives you and the lead a deadline to work towards.

    You can use this deadline to create several timely email and SMS templates that count down that time, and prompt the lead to talk to you or book you.

  10. Give your lead a call

    If your lead has still not responded to you. Set a to-do reminder to give your prospect a call after they have received all of your communications. Be polite, assume that they want to go ahead with the service and ask when they would like to book a meeting. If they indicate they do not want to go ahead with you, this is an excellent opportunity to learn where you failed so that you may fix it if it is serious.


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