This post will explain how to create basic email templates within STACK and how to use them in a column automation. It is important to utilise the merge fields feature. See this explained in more detail in the post.

1. Open Your Stack Account


2. Click on the Settings Tab


3. Find the Email Templates Section and Click the ‘+’ Button


4. Name Your New Template and Give It a Catchy Subject Line


6. Use Merge Fields to Personalise the Email


Merge fields are shortcuts which can automatically insert dynamic fields from a particular customers card which allows you to have generic email templates that are very personal. For example anywhere that you place this merge field {NAME} in any email template the unique customers name will be inserted when the email is sent.

7. Write the Content of Your Email (Keep It Personal)


8. Add Your Attachments


Here you can add any files/forms/images etc. that you may require the customer to see or complete. These attachments will be included whenever this particular template is sent.

Once you are happy with your template, click Save Changes and then proceed to create as many email templates as you need following the same series of steps above.

To add these templates to your column/list automations seer steps below

1. Click the ‘Your Stack’ Tab


2. Click the Settings Cog Wheel on Your Chosen Column


3. Click ‘Add Email’


4. Complete Your Automation Delay Settings

– Your Delay Time (How Many Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years before or after a certain event you want to send)


5. Select Your Email Template


You can now see the email body and subject line have been filled with your template


Once you are happy with your template and automation, click save changes and it will activate the automation.

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