If you want to begin utilising and creating a database out of those people who are already engaged with your site it is really easy to do. You can create new cards and leads in STACK out of those people who comment on your WordPress site. Just follow the 5 easy steps below using Zapier

1. Open Zapier and ‘Make New Zap’


2. Create Your Trigger and Action

Your Trigger is ‘New Comment’ in WordPress and your Action is ‘New Card’ in STACK


3. Link Your WordPress and STACK Accounts


4. Choose the Specific Filters You Want to Use

Here you can stipulate that you only want a new lead created when a comment has a status of approved etc.


5. Match up Your Fields

Choose which elements from your WordPress comments you would like to import to your lead card and where you want those fields imported to.


Once you have completed this step, test and save your Zap and your will start seeing your WordPress comments flowing in to your STACK columns.


Here you can see the comment has been imported


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