It has been a good 4 months since I left the group buying world, and subsequently unsubscribed from all the “oupons” that were out there. Some (not mentioning any names) actually emailed me more than 4 times a day! If you had a friend that did that, you would quickly tell them that this sort of behavior would not be tolerated, and seriously consider taking out a restraining order! But group buying companies seem to think it is alright to “interrupt” people that many times, and I know why they do it.. ready…

Because they think that sending more emails = more money.

And this, could not be further from the truth. Sure, when you correlate email volume with revenue, you get a strong correlation. But then how do you explain that when you exclude people who have not opened or clicked on emails in a month, you reduce your effective sending volume by about 80%, without substantial revenue downturn? Is this not an indication that people simply don’t want to hear from you as often as you’d like?

Yes, it is hard to put away short term profitability pressures and focus on the long term benefits of not annoying the customer base. But, even with rudimentary projections of the cost of un-subscription of active customers, and diminished deliverability, as well as the rising cost of acquisition as you tap into a wider audience pool, it is as plain as daylight that dumb email marketing cannot, nor should it be tolerated.

So what is the alternative?

Look to the data! Understand lifecycle based actions and behavioural patterns, leverage the information and permission you do have to tailor emails on a personal level.


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