1. Create A New Spreadsheet

Open Google sheets and click on the ‘plus’ button to open a new worksheet (If you have an existing database that you can export as a CSV you can then paste this data to your new spreadsheet columns in step 10).


2. Title Each Column

Name your columns with the fields you would like to import for each lead/card.


3. Open And Create A Zapier Account

Go to Zapier and sign up or login (Its Free!) Once you have created your account/logged in please click ‘Make a New Zap’.


4. Creating Your Zap

First you need to choose a ‘Trigger App’ and ‘Trigger’. The trigger app will be ‘Google Sheets’ and the trigger will be ‘Updated Spreadsheet Row’.


Now you need to choose your ‘Action App’ and ‘Action’. The action app will be ‘STACK’ and your Action will be ‘Create A New Card’. So what this means is that when you update the Google sheet, Zapier will add a new lead/card to STACK. (1 card for each row of data on your spreadsheet).


Click Continue, Zapier will now ask you to link and verify your Google sheets account and STACK account (it will only ask you this for your first zap.


Now Zapier will ask you to choose which spreadsheet and worksheet in your account you would like to use. You do not need to select a ‘Trigger Column’ so leave this field blank.


Click continue, Zapier will now ask you to match up the columns in your spreadsheet with the fields in the new card within STACK.


Once you have matched all of the fields, you can click continue. It will then ask you to ‘Test This Zap’ Once you test the zap you should see a ‘success’ response. If you click continue you can then save your Zap.


5. Finishing Your Bulk Import

To finish the bulk import, please paste/Add your lead data into your spreadsheet columns (if you have an existing database you can export it as a CSV and use this instead of a new sheet) Once you have added all of your data to your spreadsheet you can save it and within a few minutes they will begin importing into your STACK.


You can see ‘Joe’ has been added as a new lead into STACK.

CaptureHere are Joe’s details.


Zapier is available for a free trial. To use STACK, please email us on support@STACKcrm.io to get your STACK invite.

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