1. Choose Your Desired Columns Automation Settings

Click the’Automation Settings’cog wheel in the top right hand corner of that column.


2. Select Your Automation Type

Click on ‘Add SMS’


3. This Will Open The SMS Settings/Template Window

You can now enter the following details
– Delay Time (Quantity of minutes/hours/days/weeks)
– Delay Unit (minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years)
– Before/after (before or after your selected criteria)
– Based on (when the card was entered or other custom fields)


You will now also enter the body/text for your SMS. Remember to keep it short and sweet. An SMS is only effective if the received can understand it clearly and quickly. 

4. Save Your Changes

Once you have entered all of your fields and your SMS template you can click ‘Save Changes’. This will then activate that automation under that column.


Keep in mind that each card that is entered and has a valid mobile number under this particular column will receive this message 1 hour after being added. 

You can see this automation now sitting within the column settings 


Now that you are comfortable creating automation’s for your lead columns you can experiment with emails and SMS automation’s at various intervals of the leads life cycle. I.e. after 1 week, 1 month, on their birthdays, 1 month before their expiry dates, etc.

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