This site is built in homage of John Coltrane – eclectic, brilliant and imaginative jazz genius. It is also an homage to WordPress for popularising mass blogging, and giving shmucks like me the ability to setup in under 10 minutes! Yes, and that includes XML site maps, analytics, universal tag integration, custom theme and hosting setup!

I am often upset by people telling me that “WP is just a blogging platform”. To those naysayers I say; check out and and another 100 million diverse websites of different scales and implementation types!

No, WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. You can do anything with it, from ecommerce to news and yes even blogs.

I can go on all day about why WordPress is the best(from SEO benefits to outsourcing potential), but the best part of WordPress, is that it invites you into its techy bosom and nurtures self learning, experimentation and creativity. What more can you ask?

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