As a personal trainer and fitness professional it is important to keep in constant contact with your new and existing clients. This is not always easy when you are constantly on the run between classes, private clients and personal life.

Here are some example scenarios of the interactions that STACK could allow you to have with your clients. 

1. Every 2 weeks send out a food schedule for your clients to fill in and send back to you. If you have linked your email address and they reply, it will store all of your correspondence in their unique profile card for your assessment.


2. You can send an SMS every second day to remind your clients to drink water and stay hydrated during their day.


3. You can categorise your clients into columns that indicate certain areas of struggle, for example, you may have a group of clients who have trouble with tight muscles. You could set up a series of automatic emails/SMS that go out on a weekly basis with particular stretches for them to focus on to assist with these areas of weakness.


4. You may also have clients who are known for forgetting their gym gear and making excuses as to why they cannot make it. So set up automatic notification to SMS them early in the morning that may say “Don’t forget your gym gear Mike, I will see you at 6 pm”


5. For anyone who is new to your training program, when you add them to stack you can present them with an automatic welcome series.  You can send them health and medical questionnaires, Food plans, diet recommendations, guides, codes of conduct, payment options, timetables etc.

6. You can also chase payments, send invoices and reminders via STACK CRM

7. Another great thing about STACK is that you can use it to record your client’s progress and measurements on a regular basis and have it recorded in one central place.1The opportunities are endless so sign up here for your FREE trial!

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