STEP 1. Setup logical columns/lists suitable for your business

Use names and descriptions that make sense to you and your business. Keep it simple so the leads and cards can flow easily between columns and make sure your column automation’s make sense and are relevant to the types of cards you are moving into those columns.


STEP 2. Update your email settings

This will mean that any correspondence you have outside of stack via your email service provider will be automatically brought into stack and placed in the correspondence section of your cards. This way you will never loose track of the conversation.


STEP 3. Add your email templates

Add a few different email templates so you can easily and quickly respond to a contact with the click of a button. Also make sure you utilise the merge field tags, so you can automatically insert your contact name/business name/ contact numbers into those templates. For e.g. by including {NAME} in an email template, this will automatically include your contacts first name in your email.


STEP 4. Create your automation series based on those logical columns

For e.g you may want to create an individual email that goes out to anyone that is moved to a particular column. Or you may create a whole series of correspondence based on certain actions. You can delay these automation to go out at appropriate times. See below example.

  • For column titled ‘New Lead’ send them an introduction email upon creation,
  • 2 days later send them a reminder SMS to get in touch with you
  •  If they respond to your email, 1 day later send them a price list.
  • Then if they open the price list, move them to column titled warm lead


STEP 5. Use Zapier integrations

Zapier is a third party that allows you to create automation’s using triggers and actions. You can use Zapier to connect any two Zapier-supported apps together

CaptureSee how to bulk import your leads using Zapier here

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