Thanks for visiting Coltrane.
Coltrane is my consulting business that I have named in homage to the late and great John Coltrane. Take a minute and enjoy Kind of Blue.

I also run a start-up called STACK which can be best described as Trello for CRM. STACK is my way of simplifying the overly complex world of CMRs into something simple, palatable and easy to use. Ideal for start-ups or business who want to move as fast as start-ups.

About me:

  • I have run Coltrane for many years and have consulted some of Australia’s largest companies from Fairfax to RosesOnly.
  • I have a deep passion for technology, SAAS & e-commerce. I love and admire those that are bold enough to pursue their start-up dreams.
  • I work quickly and firmly believe in the lean start-up methodology.
  • I am an expert in analytics, online marketing, experimentation and growth.
  • At any point in time I consult between 1 to 3 companies at a time. I thrive under pressure, and I find that time scarcity helps me get more done.
  • I have run and started up several businesses – view them on my linkedin.
  • I’m not afraid of failing.
  • I’m not afraid of speaking bluntly.
  • I am a life-long learner.

My interests:

  • Anything start-up
  • Running
  • Jazz
  • Seinfeld & Curb

Top 5 books, blogs & shows I recommend:

How I tend to work:

  • I work on a monthly retainer.
  • I sit on boards and panels.
  • I implement new systems and methods.
  • I am hands on.

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